Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to Monetize Your Website ?

Most webmasters out there build websites just for the hell of it. Some do it to spread knowledge and regale past experiences. Others are so full of themselves that they expect people to be interested of their daily events. If you fall into the former category, then here’s a way for you to monetize your website while you are at it. If you are the latter, then don’t bother.

Talk To Me Service:

This website allows you to make some cash without you ever leaving the computer. It is basically a service that hooks you up to a webcam chatting application for face to face consultations with clients for any topic under the sun, provided you are an expert in it. The perks are many:

1) Customizable pages

Create your own expert page with your own image, which includes our provided chat room, click-to-call and direct payment ecommerce services. This application can be embedded on your website, wherever it may be. If you don’t have a website, do not despair. We will host it for you here on our page.

2) Face time

Your clients will have a unique opportunity to personally talk to you. Whenever a customer wishes to speak to you, a private chat room is established between you and the client, which allows you to directly talk with each other in private.

3) Money matters

This service works on a per-minute basis. The longer your client talks to you, the more money you will get. Speak To Me will only receive 20% of the gross revenue generated by the expert. This is needed to cover most of the expenses, such as broadcast service charge, credit card service charge and a few others. Nonetheless, the expert still stands to get a substantial 80%, with no extra service charges. A small price to pay to monetize your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Instead of slogging it off to a website that never makes money, monetize you website and make it into a gold mine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Off page optimization always works

SEO has two parts on page and off page optimization. If you know on page optimization it is very important to learn off page optimization also. Off page optimization is the last effort of your site, but it wants a good on page optimization. You’re off page optimization only works when your site has well on page optimized.

The off page optimization directly related to web site promotion, here are so many things in off page. Optimization is any site is easy but very risky also because a wrong promotion may harm your site. SEO has so many promotion channels by this we can promote our site in search engines. Article submission is one of the best channels, if you are doing article submission always read the submission guidelines. Some web masters believe in more submissions but it is the bad habit, always try to submit articles in good site (greater than 3 PR). It is the common practice that some people use one article more many sites but I think best way to put one article in only one site. Always use notepad document before submitting it on directory because your word wrap must be uncheck.

Directory submission is also a very good way of promotion, but now Google no more support of this channel. But we can do some submissions in good PR directories. Directory submission always creates effect on the site if you include the right Meta Tags and related Meta description of your site. Forum signature and blog commenting both are very good channels, both channels basically used for more traffic on your web site. But user forum user must contain good posts, never be spam in forums because it directly effect on your site. Blog commenting always beneficial for the site, but the blog in which you are trying to give comment must be related to your site. Blog comments not includes more fields, only one name field is require and your comment. Try to use your keyword in the name field it gives surely backlink to your site and increase the traffic of your site.

These are some good SEO channels, if you are starting off page optimization keep all things in mind. You will get good ranking by these ways.

Importance of On Page Optimization

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is another form of internet marketing; it seeks to optimize your site by increasing their visibility in SERPs. SEM includes so many methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Media Optimization (SMO), Paid link inclusion, etc. It is very important to know that SEO is the part of SEM not SEM is the part of SEO. Two major parts of SEM are SEO and SMO, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SMO stands for Search Media Optimization.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the way to increase the ranking of your site in search engines. All search engines having their own strategies for search results that are way all search engines want different types of SEO. Most of the web masters concentrate only for Google. But a right SEO must increase your web site ranking in all search engines. SEO also has two important parts; one is on page optimization and second is off page optimization.
On page optimization plays an awesome role in any web site it is directly related to your coding. It arranges the structure of your site. Basically, the main purpose of on page optimization is that search engines spiders crawl all the pages of your site. Every body can do well on page optimization if you know little bit of HTML and CSS. If your site is well on page optimized surely you will get the benefit of it. Because ranking not only depends on promotion of any web sites, back links of any web sites, ranking contains the on page optimization as well. Major things which can be effect your site ranking is selection of Meta Tages, Meta description and of course robot.txt files. These three things are most important for Google. But be careful with on page optimization, a wrong optimization may banned your site, stop indexing by Google. Meta tags always include your site keywords, if you have the keyword in your site title it is the best. Selection of keywords must be unique and your keyword must be two three times in your index page. Meta description is one of the most important things for Google. It must include all the details of your site with in some lines. If you are doing directory submission and you are using your Meta description, surely it would be beneficial for your site. Google always crawl only in your coding section. One is the most important file is robot.txt, it is the small notepad file, which includes some values like nofollow, noindex, etc. Robots.txt protocol is a method to prevent web spiders and other web robots by crawling and indexing your some text and images, which can be publicly viewable. Some times we do not want some images or ID and password fields indexed by Google. Robot files prevent your ID and password fields from Google indexing. These all things are important if you are in outsourcing business of SEO.

A unique and valuable SEO can not be complete with out a good on page optimization. First you must optimize your site by on page then you should think about off page optimization.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Every webmaster wishes to attract users on his website, SEO is the technique using which you can bring traffic to your website. SEO works for everything from a normal blogs, to selling of products. Here are some Search Engine Optimization Techniques:

-Submit your links your web directories: In this method all you need to do is find good directories with good pageranks and submit your links on them. This is one of the commonest method to build backlinks, by submitting your link to around 10-15 directories daily you can target lot of users to your website.

-Commenting on blogs: try to make comments on blogs having similar niche as that of yours. Making somewhere around 10-15 comments can add a lot of backlinks in a short time period, but be very cautious don't start spamming blogs otherwise you might get blocked and may not be able to comment on any website. Also sometimes even commenting on unrelated blogs adds backlinks like for example you wish to target SEO consultant in Toronto to do Search engine optimization for such a complex phrase you could target smaller keywords like SEO Toronto and Toronto SEO and form sentence comments in SEO blogs and webmaster forums giving backlinks to the address dealing with the primary key phrase you wish to target.

-Forum Signatures: Participate in forums having same niche as yours and put a link to your forum if it goes with the rules of the community. Try to be active on the forum and post there.

-Link Exchanges: Contact webmasters having websites like yours and ask them if they would like to exchange link with your website.

-Article submission: Write good articles and submit them to article directories. This way you get a lot of backlinks but try to write a good article as your article might get copied on few websites adding more backlinks.

-Make a sitemap: Make a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google Webmaster Tool so that you can notify Google of everything that happens on your blog.

Here are a few mistakes which people make when they are starting off with SEO:

-Remember Content is KING! Your content should be unique if you want visitors on your blog. Google is much clever than you think, they won’t let you rank high if your article is copied.

-Using iframes and flash content might make some problems for you because Google cannot read flash content and hates iframes.

-Having broken or hidden links on your website may cause problems for your website. So better check all the links twice.

-If you are planning to submit your website on many search engines with a click using a tool forget about it. It may get your website penalized! It’s better to let search engines find you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Options University Affiliate Program

Option University provides the hottest affiliate program on internet and it is growing by leaps and bounds. You can generate huge amount of money as monthly commission by just sending visitors towards options university website. This affiliate program has an excellent conversion rate paying affiliates on monthly basis.While joining options university affiliate program, you will make money fast. Here are some reasons behind this.
Earn big commissions: Provides 35 % commission for all products.
Proven ads with more clicks: Proven ads in the form of banners, text links, classified ads and email promotions.
Commission on procrastinators: When a customer from your site does not buy anything but he came back to options university affiliate website and buy within 3 years, you’ll be fully commissioned.
Option University believes in quality education with best educators and their seminars are guaranteed best seminars in the world. Option University uses unique technology which make real time environment for students using cutting edge conference platform same as you’re in front of instructor.

Earn Money Online by Social Bookmarking

Internet business is nothing without blogging and social book marking and there are some methods which are helpful in making money online via blogging and social bookmarking on internet.
You need search for social bookmarking site related to your website or business you are doing. You should join as many social sites as you can join and there are many websites you can bookmark like google, yahoo and digg.
While making social bookmarking website, you need to make it attractive which will increase exposure and attract visitors to bookmark their websites into your social website for increasing traffic and getting back links.
For blog you need to update it regularly so that visitors will come continuously on it. Adding fresh and quality contents is very much helpful in this regard.
You can invite your friends and families to visit your websites which will increase visitors on your website and will also increase your website popularity.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seo techniques to avoid from getting search engine banned

First of all you need to avoid from using black hat seo techniques and you should try to build traffic based on the quality of your content.
Sometimes you do not know that you are using black hat seo techniques for promoting your website there I have mentioned below some black hat seo techniques.
Keyword Stuffing: This technique is most commonly used and in this technique a large number of common keywords are used on same page. Where there is keyword stuffing there is not quality in contents and it is done jus to attract search engines.
Hidden Texts: Same like keywords stuffing and these keywords are most probably used at the bottom of the content in small fonts or with same page color to hide it. Search engine most probably will ban your site if you will use this tactic.
Cloaking: This technique is mostly used by webmasters in which information provided to search engine is different from the information provided to researchers.
Doorway Pages: these are specific pages on a website whose objective is to get traffic on specific keyword or phrase and these have not useful content inside them. These pages can result is removing of your site automatically as soon as someone report it.
Redirecting: This technique is mostly used by webmasters in which visitor is redirected legitimate content.
You will get top ranked using black hat seo techniques but you will get banned from search engines as soon as search engine will caught you and search engines like google are pretty smart to do so.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google ranking is very much important while you’re running a website because traffic from search engine has very much important for website. You need to optimize your website in google search engine using some latest SEO techniques because google is known as one of the largest search engine among all search engines and mostly used all over the world.
To do that, first of all you need to make selection of right keywords which can be searched using keywords trackers like wordtracker at and Google adwords at etc. Using right keywords with low competition and mostly searched, you can get target visitors to your website. Select keywords which have reasonable search frequency and your description of website and keywords needs to target qualified traffic towards your website.
There are many things which should keep in mind while google optimization and to increase success rate. Title tag plays an important role in google search engine results. For better results you need to keep your title tag unique so while placing title tag of your website you should take a look of top 10 titles in search engines.
Google consider Meta tags and description on occasion when it does not find desired result from titles then it goes to Meta tags and description. You should keep description short and clear and one keyword should not repeat more than 3 times. Keywords density also has a great impact for website ranking but when there is specific numbers of keywords are used then they would provide guarantee in top ranking. Keywords density depends upon phrases if you are looking to find out density of specific keyword then you should take a look to top 20 searches.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Choose Best Web Hosting For Your Website for Best SEO

Definitely the type of web hosting also plays a role in your website optimization in search engines. The speed of internet service providers also effect website position in search engines when you are using shared hosting where thousands of websites are hosted on single server and there is possibility that your website will load slowly. Dedicated hosting is considered best web hosting if you are looking to follow seo standards for your website.
When search engine crawl websites and its pages don’t load within the requested period of time then search engine may move to other page link or towards next website. So, website needs to be hosted on best web hosting provider’s server of that country where you are looking to target your customers.
Web hosting plays important role when we are talking about search engine optimization because Google USA will prefer crawling those websites first which are hosted on USA web servers. Although it is not stated by Google however it is proved that when we are searching for specific items from Google USA we will found 80% websites which are hosted with USA IPs or USA web servers.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are you looking to optimize your website?

Definitely, everyone wants to promote his personal or company website by applying some search engine optimization techniques. There are two different types of website optimization techniques i.e. on page optimization and off page optimization.
Many companies are out there which would be offering to optimize your website in major search engines to get high traffic. However, no one can provide guarantee that your website will get specific traffic within the given limit. Google does not give priority to any company that their websites will be give priority in indexing and promoting. You should ask them to give review of their service or reference which is good way to use their services.
However if you have enough time to promote your website yourself, you can do it. You just need to have knowledge about search engine optimization which you can get different seo advice blogs on internet. Seo advice blog contains information about how to rank your website in search engines to get high traffic. You can also find information about many seo tools like keywords analysis tools, webmaster tools on these seo advice blogs.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Importance of Search Engine Optimisation for Online Business

Optimizing websites to rank them is necessary thing while you are thinking to start with online business. Search engine optimization service includes creating quality contents for your websites and posting it which will allow search engines to crawl your website more easily. Also search engine optimization includes link building services, copy writing, on page optimization, off page optimization, pay per click management and social network optimization. Websites are optimized in search engines on highly searched keywords to get more and more traffic directly from search engines.
Internet marketing is not possible without optimization of website and if you want to target more visitors on your website then you need to optimize your website well. So, internet marketing is necessary to inform people about your company products and services. There are many ecommerce software used to develop ecommerce website on which you can sell and buy products for your company. Also you can get affiliation from hundreds of online shopping websites which are offering margin against pay per sale.
However search engine optimization is not one time process which will rank your website on top for life time. It is the process which is needed for long periods and you should continue building links for your website as well as writing unique articles about your niche.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Improve your website performance by excellent seo services

Seo service providers are becoming popular these days because seo is necessary to optimize websites in search engines. Website optimization will rank the website to top pages in search engines like google, yahoo and msn. Once your website came on first page on a keywords which is well searched in your targeted area then visitors will automatically increase and if your website is selling something then sale out will also increase.
Two types of seo services are there on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization which is based on keywords analysis, content writing, HTML coding including optimization of Meta and title tag to promote a website.
Off page optimization seo services are based on them related link building techniques which can be achieved by making a link building strategy which results in promoting a website in top search engines and will automatically increase rank of your website.
You can find out many seo services providers on internet in which some provides affordable seo services with guarantee. You can also optimize your website by making little effort and applying seo techniques.

Cyber comedy

If you are looking to have some cyber comedy after a particularly hectic day online, then you can be sure that youtube can offer the well deserved respite in form of funny videos that are available there. However, has added an edge to it. Instead of an “all videos affair” as evidenced in youtube, it is possible to visit this website and have yourself laughing in just a few minutes. The website is equipped with eight (8) extremely funny videos all extracted from youtube on a daily basis. Thus, saving you the stress of having to search through the whole of youtube to find them. These videos are very funny and can help you unwind. Coupled with this is the daily turtle joke that you can listen to on a daily basis. The website is also furnished with funny pictures and jokes asides the videos. All these are handpicked by a team of humorists just for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Make Money Online By SEO and Work From Home

There are lots of opportunities are on internet to make money and SEO is one of those. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is a technique used by webmasters to rank and optimize their websites to increase page rank and traffic directly from search engines.
To get seo training you can join online seo forum which contains seo tips about different seo techniques and after reading those techniques you can become seo expert very soon. Best seo forums are , and etc. These are websites where you will find hundreds of threads with seo discussions. You can also find out seo jobs here and offer your services as professional seo consultant because these sites will provide you both learning and earning at the same time. Seo careers includes many types of jobs like seo copy writing jobs, seo webmaster , blogging , link building and forum posting etc. There are lot of seo companies on internet which are offering seo jobs and you can join them.
Another advantage you will get for joining these forums is that you can place 3-4 websites link as your signature links and when you will make posts or start new threads these links will be displayed with posts and will give your website good back links and also traffic to your websites.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Promoting a website without making Investment

Suppose you are owner of a website and you want to promote it for getting visitors towards your website and you don’t have enough money to spend for SEO (search engine optimization) and promotion of your website.
I am sharing some techniques which will help you to promote your website in search engines to get massive traffic. You need to spend some time and also need to make some extra effort for it.
Here are some techniques which are free to promote a website.
  1. Write unique and quality article and submit it to top articles directories with your website links in your signatures. To do this you need to search for some popular article directories like, etc and signup for your account and start submitting articles. You article will be live within 3-4 days.

  2. Try to submit articles in those articles directories which have high PR (Page Rank) and traffic like ezinearticles and articledashboard.

  3. Don’t submit same article in multiple directories, search engines will filter duplicate contents and they will not be beneficial for you.

Doing this , you will get high traffic from search engines and will get some quality back links which are always helpful for increasing website page rank.

Hope you will like this tip/suggestion for website promotion.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Methods of Earning Easy Money Online

Starting to earn online money is not much difficult if you know about online earning ways. You should know how to make a website. Rather than a website, you can have an online business. Here are some methods which you can use to Make Money Online.
Make Blog Website: Blog is someway different with respect to a regular website where you can add personal thoughts. You can add you personal information and build relationship with mate by offering them a commenting option.
Give you own suggestions: While blogging you should use your own thoughts and if people like your suggestions and opinions, they will come again to visit your website. While you are selling some item, write an honest review about that product.
Sell hot selling products: Get information about hot selling products these days. Evaluate your expert level in specific field and then start with that. You can sell different items like e-books, electronics, shoes, clothes by taking affiliation from some well know shopping company like eBay and Amazon.
Selling Pet Products: You can sell products related to pet as many people own pets and animals in own home. You can make research about some affiliate companies and take affiliations.
Internet marketing is however not very much complex , if you have good information about affiliate companies then you can start to make money online after starting to work on some popular niche.

Make Money Online by Paid Survey

Online survey is known as one of the easiest way to earn money online. It requires minimal effort and it is an easy job which every one can perform from home.
However, you should select the correct website because there are many bad websites on internet and many people are scamming all around the world.
To make oney online To make money using survey, you should follow the following steps:
Search for online survey websites those are good paid survey providers. You should apply for survey which you want to join.
Some websites charge registration fee to join. Most of them charge $30 to $40 as registration fee. Make sure that you are joining authentic website before making registration fee. You can first try free survey provider websites.
Check about survey website that how much old it is and also check its popularity. You should join a survey website which is well established and has reasonable registered members. Try to join that survey provider which is on internet for long time.
Find out whether survey provides direct pay in cash or not. To make money online always try to join that company which pays in cash. Most survey websites provide payment through PayPal while other pay through MoneyGram, Western Union and Bank Transfer etc.

To become a successful online paid survey provider, it is very important to select the right paid survey provider..