Friday, April 25, 2008

Choose Best Web Hosting For Your Website for Best SEO

Definitely the type of web hosting also plays a role in your website optimization in search engines. The speed of internet service providers also effect website position in search engines when you are using shared hosting where thousands of websites are hosted on single server and there is possibility that your website will load slowly. Dedicated hosting is considered best web hosting if you are looking to follow seo standards for your website.
When search engine crawl websites and its pages don’t load within the requested period of time then search engine may move to other page link or towards next website. So, website needs to be hosted on best web hosting provider’s server of that country where you are looking to target your customers.
Web hosting plays important role when we are talking about search engine optimization because Google USA will prefer crawling those websites first which are hosted on USA web servers. Although it is not stated by Google however it is proved that when we are searching for specific items from Google USA we will found 80% websites which are hosted with USA IPs or USA web servers.

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Anonymous said...

Dude I agree. I have found sometimes the best web hosting are the companies that are smaller and take more pride in their service.