Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cyber comedy

If you are looking to have some cyber comedy after a particularly hectic day online, then you can be sure that youtube can offer the well deserved respite in form of funny videos that are available there. However, has added an edge to it. Instead of an “all videos affair” as evidenced in youtube, it is possible to visit this website and have yourself laughing in just a few minutes. The website is equipped with eight (8) extremely funny videos all extracted from youtube on a daily basis. Thus, saving you the stress of having to search through the whole of youtube to find them. These videos are very funny and can help you unwind. Coupled with this is the daily turtle joke that you can listen to on a daily basis. The website is also furnished with funny pictures and jokes asides the videos. All these are handpicked by a team of humorists just for your viewing pleasure.

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