Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Off page optimization always works

SEO has two parts on page and off page optimization. If you know on page optimization it is very important to learn off page optimization also. Off page optimization is the last effort of your site, but it wants a good on page optimization. You’re off page optimization only works when your site has well on page optimized.

The off page optimization directly related to web site promotion, here are so many things in off page. Optimization is any site is easy but very risky also because a wrong promotion may harm your site. SEO has so many promotion channels by this we can promote our site in search engines. Article submission is one of the best channels, if you are doing article submission always read the submission guidelines. Some web masters believe in more submissions but it is the bad habit, always try to submit articles in good site (greater than 3 PR). It is the common practice that some people use one article more many sites but I think best way to put one article in only one site. Always use notepad document before submitting it on directory because your word wrap must be uncheck.

Directory submission is also a very good way of promotion, but now Google no more support of this channel. But we can do some submissions in good PR directories. Directory submission always creates effect on the site if you include the right Meta Tags and related Meta description of your site. Forum signature and blog commenting both are very good channels, both channels basically used for more traffic on your web site. But user forum user must contain good posts, never be spam in forums because it directly effect on your site. Blog commenting always beneficial for the site, but the blog in which you are trying to give comment must be related to your site. Blog comments not includes more fields, only one name field is require and your comment. Try to use your keyword in the name field it gives surely backlink to your site and increase the traffic of your site.

These are some good SEO channels, if you are starting off page optimization keep all things in mind. You will get good ranking by these ways.

Importance of On Page Optimization

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is another form of internet marketing; it seeks to optimize your site by increasing their visibility in SERPs. SEM includes so many methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Media Optimization (SMO), Paid link inclusion, etc. It is very important to know that SEO is the part of SEM not SEM is the part of SEO. Two major parts of SEM are SEO and SMO, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SMO stands for Search Media Optimization.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the way to increase the ranking of your site in search engines. All search engines having their own strategies for search results that are way all search engines want different types of SEO. Most of the web masters concentrate only for Google. But a right SEO must increase your web site ranking in all search engines. SEO also has two important parts; one is on page optimization and second is off page optimization.
On page optimization plays an awesome role in any web site it is directly related to your coding. It arranges the structure of your site. Basically, the main purpose of on page optimization is that search engines spiders crawl all the pages of your site. Every body can do well on page optimization if you know little bit of HTML and CSS. If your site is well on page optimized surely you will get the benefit of it. Because ranking not only depends on promotion of any web sites, back links of any web sites, ranking contains the on page optimization as well. Major things which can be effect your site ranking is selection of Meta Tages, Meta description and of course robot.txt files. These three things are most important for Google. But be careful with on page optimization, a wrong optimization may banned your site, stop indexing by Google. Meta tags always include your site keywords, if you have the keyword in your site title it is the best. Selection of keywords must be unique and your keyword must be two three times in your index page. Meta description is one of the most important things for Google. It must include all the details of your site with in some lines. If you are doing directory submission and you are using your Meta description, surely it would be beneficial for your site. Google always crawl only in your coding section. One is the most important file is robot.txt, it is the small notepad file, which includes some values like nofollow, noindex, etc. Robots.txt protocol is a method to prevent web spiders and other web robots by crawling and indexing your some text and images, which can be publicly viewable. Some times we do not want some images or ID and password fields indexed by Google. Robot files prevent your ID and password fields from Google indexing. These all things are important if you are in outsourcing business of SEO.

A unique and valuable SEO can not be complete with out a good on page optimization. First you must optimize your site by on page then you should think about off page optimization.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Every webmaster wishes to attract users on his website, SEO is the technique using which you can bring traffic to your website. SEO works for everything from a normal blogs, to selling of products. Here are some Search Engine Optimization Techniques:

-Submit your links your web directories: In this method all you need to do is find good directories with good pageranks and submit your links on them. This is one of the commonest method to build backlinks, by submitting your link to around 10-15 directories daily you can target lot of users to your website.

-Commenting on blogs: try to make comments on blogs having similar niche as that of yours. Making somewhere around 10-15 comments can add a lot of backlinks in a short time period, but be very cautious don't start spamming blogs otherwise you might get blocked and may not be able to comment on any website. Also sometimes even commenting on unrelated blogs adds backlinks like for example you wish to target SEO consultant in Toronto to do Search engine optimization for such a complex phrase you could target smaller keywords like SEO Toronto and Toronto SEO and form sentence comments in SEO blogs and webmaster forums giving backlinks to the address dealing with the primary key phrase you wish to target.

-Forum Signatures: Participate in forums having same niche as yours and put a link to your forum if it goes with the rules of the community. Try to be active on the forum and post there.

-Link Exchanges: Contact webmasters having websites like yours and ask them if they would like to exchange link with your website.

-Article submission: Write good articles and submit them to article directories. This way you get a lot of backlinks but try to write a good article as your article might get copied on few websites adding more backlinks.

-Make a sitemap: Make a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google Webmaster Tool so that you can notify Google of everything that happens on your blog.

Here are a few mistakes which people make when they are starting off with SEO:

-Remember Content is KING! Your content should be unique if you want visitors on your blog. Google is much clever than you think, they won’t let you rank high if your article is copied.

-Using iframes and flash content might make some problems for you because Google cannot read flash content and hates iframes.

-Having broken or hidden links on your website may cause problems for your website. So better check all the links twice.

-If you are planning to submit your website on many search engines with a click using a tool forget about it. It may get your website penalized! It’s better to let search engines find you.