Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Earn Money Online by Social Bookmarking

Internet business is nothing without blogging and social book marking and there are some methods which are helpful in making money online via blogging and social bookmarking on internet.
You need search for social bookmarking site related to your website or business you are doing. You should join as many social sites as you can join and there are many websites you can bookmark like google, yahoo and digg.
While making social bookmarking website, you need to make it attractive which will increase exposure and attract visitors to bookmark their websites into your social website for increasing traffic and getting back links.
For blog you need to update it regularly so that visitors will come continuously on it. Adding fresh and quality contents is very much helpful in this regard.
You can invite your friends and families to visit your websites which will increase visitors on your website and will also increase your website popularity.


Jack said...

Nice tips to make our friends to get tied in a social bookmarking site and also increase traffic for our site...

Kathy Mead said...

great tips, thank you.