Monday, April 28, 2008

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google ranking is very much important while you’re running a website because traffic from search engine has very much important for website. You need to optimize your website in google search engine using some latest SEO techniques because google is known as one of the largest search engine among all search engines and mostly used all over the world.
To do that, first of all you need to make selection of right keywords which can be searched using keywords trackers like wordtracker at and Google adwords at etc. Using right keywords with low competition and mostly searched, you can get target visitors to your website. Select keywords which have reasonable search frequency and your description of website and keywords needs to target qualified traffic towards your website.
There are many things which should keep in mind while google optimization and to increase success rate. Title tag plays an important role in google search engine results. For better results you need to keep your title tag unique so while placing title tag of your website you should take a look of top 10 titles in search engines.
Google consider Meta tags and description on occasion when it does not find desired result from titles then it goes to Meta tags and description. You should keep description short and clear and one keyword should not repeat more than 3 times. Keywords density also has a great impact for website ranking but when there is specific numbers of keywords are used then they would provide guarantee in top ranking. Keywords density depends upon phrases if you are looking to find out density of specific keyword then you should take a look to top 20 searches.

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